Buch: Innovation, Research and Technology Intelligence in the Chemical Industry
Innovation, Research and Technology Intelligence in the Chemical Industry
Integrated Business, Technical and Systems Approaches
incl. CD-ROM
Wolfgang Runge
Hrsg.: Wolfgang Runge; Fraunhofer ZV, München
2006, 1063 S., num. illus. a. tab., Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
Fraunhofer IRB Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8167-7196-8

Referring to the U.S. and German chemical industry the book presents structures, processes and organization of corporate innovation and research and their interdependencies and dependency on "technology intelligence".
Using selected cases and comparisons for the U.S. and Germany approaches to managing innovation are elaborated in terms of generic processes and well-defined configurational settings which may guide actions. It provides a detailed description of the current status and innovation essentials of the U.S. and German chemical industry, but includes also historical perspectives.
The book elaborates systematically intelligence as the basis and key prerequisite for continuous innovation, for research and development and sustainable growth of technology-oriented companies and provides an integrative approach for innovation, corporate chemical research and technology intelligence. Focusing innovation on an information and intelligence problem allows presenting architectural and organizational characteristics and models for "technology intelligence-oriented organizations".
The special role of information technology for such an organization is exemplified by presenting the model-compatible business, systems and technical architectures of an operational database-centric intelligence system.
Generally the book extends the "what and why" to the "how".

Innovation, Invention, Innovativeness
The Chemical Industry in National and Supra-National Economies
Pure and Applied Chemistry
Methods for Chemical Innovation
Innovation and Structuring of Firms
Publicly Traded and Private Companies
The Financial Environment, Corporate Governance and Value-Based Thinking
Some Special Aspects for Small- and Medium-Sized Firms
Hidden Champions
The Charm of Being Private for Managing Innovation: The Cargill and the Würth Cases
Public Perceptions
Regulatory and Sustainability Aspects
The National Science, Technology and Industry
Global Reach or Global Industry
More than Japan
Internationalization of R&D
Innovations through Co-Evolutions of the Chemical Industry with the Energy Sector and Government
The Research Function as a Company Test Field for Organizational Innovation
Information and Communication Technology for the Chemical Enterprise and Innovations
Supporting Research in the Laboratory
Computer-Supported Work Processes in the Research Environment
Work Processes and Organizational Settings
Multinational and Global Organizational Structures
Work Processes, Matrix Structures and Decentralization
Flattened Organizations and Horizontal Bureaucracy
"Management Consulting" for the Chemical Industry
Managing People, Leading People and Human Resources
Revisiting Historical Chemical Innovations, Innovators and Generic Innovation Configurations
Chemical Innovations in the Agricultural and Early Industrial Society
Chemical Business and Innovation after Alchemy
Chemical Engineering and Co-Evolution of Oil and Chemicals
Technological Trajectories and Chemical Innovations
Selected Chemical Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Combining Personality Structures and Teams for Innovation
Selected Chemical Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Personality Structures and Teams for Innovation
Information - Knowledge -Intelligence
Foreknowledge, Technology Forecasting and Megatrends
Forecasting Techniques
Ionic Liquids
Nanotechnology and Chemical Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology, Intellectual Properties and Research
Nanotechnology and Investors
The Chemical Industry in a Biobased Economy
"Colored" and White Biotechnology in a Biobased Chemical Industry
Research, Development and Innovation with Renewable Resources in the Chemical Industry - Green Chemistry
Biorefinery Oriented Efforts, Biopolymers, Bioplastics and "Green Orientations"
Biodegradable Plastics
Research and Innovation Architectures and Processes in the Chemical Industry
Outlining the Corporate Research Process for Innovation
R&D Management Viewed as a Layered Approach
Research Activities and the Research Function in the Chemical Industry
Research, Technology and Technical Service
Research and Corporate Scientists
Technical Service
Research Culture and Corporate Culture
R&D Expenses and Value Contributions
Measuring R&D Value

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