Buch: Aligning Organizations Through Measurement
Aligning Organizations Through Measurement
The GQM+Strategies Approach
The Fraunhofer IESE Series on Software and Systems Engineering
Victor Basili, Adam Trendowicz, Martin Kowalczyk
2014, xxvi, 205  S., 61 Farbabb. 235 mm, Hardcover
Sprache: Englisch
Springer, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-319-05046-1

- An empirically grounded method for aligning goals and strategies across an organization - Practitioner-oriented presentation, combining a method description with case studies, checklists, and questionnaires - An author team consisting of experienced researchers and consultants shares its expertise and practical experiences of applying GQM+Strategies in the software industry Aligning an organization's goals and strategies requires specifying their rationales and connections so that the links are explicit and allow for analytic reasoning about what is successful and where improvement is necessary. This book provides guidance on how to achieve this alignment, how to monitor the success of goals and strategies and use measurement to recognize potential failures, and how to close alignment gaps. It uses the GQM+Strategies approach, which provides concepts and actionable steps for creating the link between goals and strategies across an organization and allows for measurement-based decision-making. After outlining the general motivation for organizational alignment through measurement, the GQM+Strategies approach is described concisely, with a focus on the basic model that is created and the process for creating and using this model. The recommended steps of all six phases of the process are then described in detail with the help of a comprehensive application example. Finally, the industrial challenges addressed by the method and cases of its application in industry are presented, and the relations to other approaches, such as Balanced Scorecard, are described. The book concludes with supplementary material, such as checklists and guidelines, to support the application of the method. This book is aimed at organization leaders, managers, decision makers, and other professionals interested in aligning their organization's goals and strategies and establishing an efficient strategic measurement program. It is also interesting for academic researchers looking for mechanisms to integrate their research results into organizational environments.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Rombach - und Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer - sind Lehrstuhlinhaber für Software Engineering an der TU Kaiserslautern. Sie leiten gemeinsam das Fraunhofer Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering.

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