Buch: Carl Adam Petri
Carl Adam Petri
Life and Science
Einar Smith, Tim Denvir
2015, xi, 128  S., XI, 128 p. 74 illus. 235 mm, Hardcover
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN 978-3-662-48092-2

The book presents the life and works of one of Germany''s most famous computerscientists, Carl Adam Petri. It is written in a vivid and entertaining manner, providing an inâdepth discussion of the background behind Petri''s bestâknown contribution to computer science, the Petri net. In this way the book can be read as a first introduction to nets, but it also covers the theoretical, physical and philosophical foundations behind nets, thus facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the wider range of Petri''s works. The book is intended for readers with a previous knowledge in computer science, as well as for "interested non-professionals", who want to get to know a remarkable personality of contemporary science.

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