Buch: Clinical Image-Based Procedures. From Planning to Intervention
Clinical Image-Based Procedures. From Planning to Intervention
International Workshop, CLIP 2012, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 5, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.7761
Klaus Drechsler, Marius Erdt, Marius George Linguraru, Cristina Oyarzun Laura, Karun Sharma, Raj Shekhar, Stefan Wesarg
2013, x, 132  S., 59 SW-Abb. 235 mm, Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
Springer, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-642-38078-5

CLIP 2012 provided a successful forum for the dissemination of emerging image-based clinical techniques. Specific topics included pre-interventional image segmentation and classification (to support diagnosis and clinical decision making), interventional and surgical planning and analysis of dynamic images, and evaluation, visualization and correction techniques for image-based procedures. Clinical applications covered the skull and the brain, cardiac defects, blood vessels, abdominal organs, and cancer in adults and children. The presentations and discussions around the meeting emphasized current challenges and emerging techniques in image-based procedures, strategies for clinical translation of image-based techniques, the role of computational anatomy and image analysis for surgical planning and interventions, and the contribution of medical image analysis to open and minimally invasive surgery.

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