Buch: Daylight and Solar Control in Buildings
Daylight and Solar Control in Buildings
General Evaluation and Optimization of a New Angle Selective Glazing
Francesco Frontini
Hrsg.: Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg/Brsg.
2011, 143 S., num. illus. a. tab., Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
Milano, Politecnico, Diss., 2009
Fraunhofer Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8396-0238-6

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A new angle-selective see through building integrated photovoltaic façade presented here. The façade combines four important tasks in one element: solar control, glare protection, visual contact and electricity generation.
Mathematical analysis and simulations with radiance are performed to optimize the geometry and to assess the visual transmission of the new window.
In order to simulate the new façade in building energy simulation programme a new method for modelling the total solar energy transmittance is presented. The new black-box-model (BBM) is implemented into ESP-r software and is validated.
The BBM is used to assess the impact of modelling accurately the g-value of complex façade within building simulation.

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