Buch: Desinformation aufdecken und bekämpfen
Desinformation aufdecken und bekämpfen
Interdisziplinäre Ansätze gegen Desinformationskampagnen und für Meinungspluralität
2020, 217  S.,  227 mm, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-8487-6390-0

Digitalisation takes the lie to a new level. In this volume, renowned researchers present the results of their comprehensive analyses, which they obtained in an interdisciplinary approach with regard to digital disinformation: What makes disinformation on the German-language internet special? How does disinformation work? How can it be recognised with the help of technical means? What can and could be done against disinformation by means of regulatory and legal measures? From the findings of journalism, media psychology, computer science and law, recommendations for action are derived for the relevant addressees: the legislator, the press council, media representatives, operators of social networks, research funding institutions and, last but not least, media users. This volume does not en d with the analysis, but shows how the dissemination of disinformation via the internet can be effectively contained.

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