Buch: Electrification of remote regions in Croatia
Electrification of remote regions in Croatia
The potential of welfare improvement by isolated grids
Sonja Maria Protic
Hrsg.: Fraunhofer Academy, München
2014, 109 S., num. illus. and tab., Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
Fraunhofer Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8396-0662-9

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Croatia faces the consequences of the Yugoslavian war, which left hometowns with dilapidated electricity grid connections, a high average age of power plant capacities, grid bottlenecks and a lack of competition. UNDP Croatia supported this paper assuming that a decentralized supply system might support rural development.
This master.s thesis proposes a developed methodology to financially compare isolated grid solutions that primarily use renewable energies to an extension of the public electricity network to small regions. Isolated grid supply proves to be very often a preferable option. Furthermore, it points out the lack of a reliable evaluation of non-monetizable aspects and promotes a new interdisciplinary approach.

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