Buch: Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
Concepts and Best Practices
Kai Mertens, Peter Heisig, Jens Vorbeck
2nd ed.
2003, xxxi, 384  S., 131 SW-Abb.,. 24 cm, Hardcover
Sprache: Englisch
Springer, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-540-00490-5

Larry Prusak (Executive Director IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Organizations ): Knowledge Management, both as a practice and as a discipline, is entering i t's second decade, happily, without all the false expectations of any beginning movement, but with a growing and solid base of practice and theory on which to b uild. The volume that follows is a particularly fine example of how solid resear ch , good thinking, and a narrative approach can produce a very substantial argu ment for the continuing saga of KM. This second edition presents recent sur vey results from the EFQM and OECD as well as an overview of the results form th e First Global Delphi Study on The Future of Knowledge Management by the Fraun hofer Competence Center Knowledge Management and the Humboldt University Berlin. The book shows how the integration of knowledge management activities into th e daily business tasks is carried out, and how pro-active change management work s, which are the latest advancements in measuring intellectual capital and how t o assess the current state of knowledge management. The Best and Good Practice examples in Knowledge Management are completed with a recent study by the Benchm arking Center TECTEM at the University St. Gallen (Switzerland). Best practice s in knowledge management from leading companies like Aventis, Arthur D. Little, British Aerospace plc., Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Phonak, Roche and Siemens are des cribed for practitioners in different industries. More than 100 KM-Tools are lis ted and classified according to the main application area. The book concludes wi th an overview on research funded by the European Commission in order to make K M Made in Europe a reality.

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