Buch: Microbial life on Facades
Microbial life on Facades
2021, xi, 323  S., XI, 323 p. 185 illus., 110 illus. in color. 240 mm, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-662-54831-8

This book provides a detailed overview of the microorganisms that form the initial growth on the exterior fa?ades of buildings. It deals with the ecophysiological properties that characterize the basic conditions under which these microorganisms can occur on fa?ades. In addition to an identification key for the types and forms of microorganisms, this book provides a detailed description of the individual organisms, stating their ecological range. Furthermore, the various ecological parameters are discussed in short chapters. Measures to prevent and combat the colonization of fa?ades with microorganisms are also addressed. Specialists (architects, construction experts), builders, scientists and master students can find all the information they need on facade algae and fungi here.

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