Buch: Putting commitment into action?
Putting commitment into action?
Analysing the Effectiveness of Climate Change Mitigation Governance in the Indonesian Energy Sector
Philipp Munzinger
Hrsg.: Fraunhofer Academy, München
2015, 124 S., num. illus. and tabs., Softcover
Sprache: Englisch
Fraunhofer Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8396-0855-5

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Indonesia is characterized by a vast economic growth which placed the country among the largest economies in Asia. High rates of fossil fuel use have so far proved a recipe for the energy needed to maintain this growth. At the same time the Government of the Republic of Indonesia committed to an ambitious climate mitigation target which requires embarking on a lower GHG emission pathway.
Uncertainty remains whether Indonesia is undertaking the necessary steps to realize effective climate change mitigation in the energy sector in contribution to the national GHG emission reduction target, and in line with the national development needs like economic growth, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.
This thesis aims to reduce this uncertainty by analysing to what extent climate mitigation governance in the Indonesian energy sector is effective to serve both, the national GHG emission reduction target as well as national development needs. A methodological framework is suggested to examine the Government's role in putting in place institutions, policies and instruments to realize a lower GHG emission development in the energy sector.

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