Buch: Servitization in Industry
Servitization in Industry
Gunter Lay
2014, xv, 349  S., 44 SW-Abb., 3 Tabellen. 235 mm, Hardcover
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN 978-3-319-06934-0

Presenting both a comprehensive collection of sectorial studies of servitization in manufacturing industries, on the one hand, and research investigating the necessity to adapt various processes and departments of manufacturing companies to servitized business models, on the other "Servitization in Industry" informs the scientific and managerial servitization debate with recent data regarding industrial servitization models. This book provides detailed analyses of manufacturing sectors that elucidate the options and barriers related to servitization from a sector-based perspective. This sector-based approach allows for an individual and in-depth examination of recent relationships among manufacturers and their clients by explaining leads and lags in servitization. Serving to maximize reader insight into the specific characteristics of different sectors with their barriers and potentials, the book presents frameworks for successful servitization of the core sectors in European manufacturing industries which include: aeronautics; automotive, ICT, chemical industries and different engineering sectors, amongst others. The detailed picture of servitization needs for adapting processes and departments of manufacturers indicates the practical implications for enterprises intending to servitize. A series of questions are addressed from the perspective of strategic management, marketing, accounting and innovation centers by pooling and summarizing key findings.

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